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Our patented program delivers eleven daily challenges guiding you towards a happier, healthier lifestyle.

There are eleven daily challenges, focussed on improving your activity, sustenance and lifestyle.

The Eleven Daily Challenges

If you miss a day or don’t achieve one of your daily challenges, it’s ok! The ultimate goal is to improve your score each week – the results of which will be reflected in your improved health and wellbeing

  1. To undertake more than 30 minutes of exercise 
  2. To complete flexibility exercises
  3. To eat a healthy breakfast
  4. To eat a wholesome lunch
  5. To eat a balanced dinner
  6. To eat only healthy (or no) snacks
  7. To have no alcohol or non-prescription drugs
  8. To have less than 4 alcoholic drinks
  9. To not smoke
  10. To spend more than 30 minutes dedicated to time with your family
  11. To spend more than 30 minutes dedicated to/on yourself
  12. Congratulations, you are on your way to a healthier and happier life!

Apply yourself!

The beauty of a healthier me is that you are able to be totally honest with yourself. You set the pace and no one else needs to know.

The program is accessed via a mobile app which, over a 13 week cycle, will assist you to improve your health and lifestyle. The app, carried with you on your mobile device, enables you to set, record and improve your health and lifestyle against the daily challenges. The app delivers you reminders and motivational messages, which act as a subtle but consistent prompt to achieve the daily challenges and improve on your lifestyle.

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Only $2.99

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